Amherst Fund LLC is a privately held investment company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan that specializes in private equity and community investment.

Founded in 1998, Amherst Fund has invested in schools and hospitals in communities across the United States. Along with our community focus, we also partner with private companies through equity and debt investments. Seed and venture capital for small companies as well as joint ventures with other funds have included industries such as; assisted living, electronic component manufacturing, robotic navigation, real estate, natural gas wells, landfill gas reclamation, banking, education, software, medical devices and life sciences venture funds.

From municipal bonds to high risk start-ups, Amherst Fund has a broad range of investment participation.

Amherst Fund LLC
401 E. Stadium
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Ph. +1 (734) 662-2102

Fx. +1 (734) 663-0056